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day 3.. alil bit of a crave day

12 Jul

Hi everyone and happy Thursday :).


So this morning, and whilst sitting at work… I wanted BISCUITS. Bourbons to be precise. I wanted that biscuit more than I wanted Michael Fassbender.. and trust me, that’s a LOT.


I almost nearly went to the shop to buy them! BUT, instead, I went to my Facebook support group and my friend Emily asked ‘is it really worth it,’ and I stopped, had a think, and said ‘NO, it really isn’t’! So I resisted 🙂 Ate a banana instead too which is a zillion times healthier.


Lunch time consisted of ham and cucumber sandwiches on wholemeal bread, and then my mum peeled and sliced me an apple 😀 it was like I was at school again.


No idea at all what’s for dinner!


Not gonna lie though, as per my previous blog, I still am having ‘tea time’ which is a chocolate and crisps. I know that sounds like I’m never gonna lose weight, but I love them and I think I’d cry without. It’s my little ‘thing’. Every evening, I go home, have a small choc and crisps and watch Hollyoaks… like a slob 😦 BUT again, I will reiterate the fact that this has always been how it is and I have managed in the past to lose weight by cutting down on the others.


Just a short blog today I’m afraid as gotta dash off but will do a bigger one tomorrow… and then next week is my ‘weigh day’ eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!


Bye all 🙂 xxx